Properly Measuring for your Door Kick Plate

How to Properly Measure Your Door for a Kickplate

Deck the Door Decor How To Measure a Door Kick Plate

If you are interested in purchasing a kickplate for your home or office, it is important to measure your door before you order so that the kickplate will fit properly. Typically, the recommended kickplate measurement is equal to the width of the door, less two inches. In other words, if your door is 36 inches wide, you would need to install a 34-inch wide door kick plates to ensure accurate and proper sizing. The standard available sizes of our door kick plates are as follows:

  • 6 in x 30 in – fits most standard sized interior doors
  • 8 in x 34 in – fits most standard sized exterior doors

For typical standard-sized doors, usually one of these two sizes will fit. However, custom sizing may be required for older or custom-made doors. If this is the case, just enter your custom size when ordering. View our short Measuring and Installation tutorial below to feel confident in your purchase decision!

Tips For Accurately Measuring Your Door

The key for the proper installation of your door kick plate lies in your measurement. Here are some useful tips in order to accurately measure your door:

  • The kick plate should be at least 2 inches shorter than the door’s width, with approximately 1 inch on either side, so as not to interfere with any door stops, frame, or weather stripping that surrounds the door. Measure the dimensions on the side where the door stops and the weather stripping are located, to be sure your kick plate does not interfere with the operation of the door.
  • Leave room for an allowance at the bottom of the door, so that the door kick plate does not come into contact with the sill. Kick plate height is based on personal preference and door style.