How to Protect Your Door from Dog Scratches

Dog scratch door protection plate

It happens. Dogs scratch on doors to communicate with us.

Our fur babies scratch on the door to tell us when they want to come in or go outside. They do it when they get separation anxiety because we left. They get so excited when they hear us walking up to the door & they can't help them selves. 
image credit Burgess Pet Care
The reality is that our pets would use words if they could, but they can't. Our pets are so sweet, we all know they wouldn't scratch the door if they understood why we don't like it. Since they depend on us & don't know any better way to communicate their needs, it's on us as their providers to come up with a solution.
Sure, you can train them not to scratch the door, but most of us wouldn't know where to start & just don't have the time. That's why we invented, engineered, & patented the best solution on the market. Introducing the NEW Dog Scratch Door Protection Plate, by Deck the Door Decor.

Dog scratch door protection plates are patented and made in the USA. They're a plastic free, planet friendly option which is hard to find the in the Pet Supplies market. They're engineered, designed, manufactured, and distributed by a small family run business. Made for dog people, by dog people!

Deck the Door Decor has created the only aesthetically pleasing solution to the dog lover’s door problem! Our patented dog scratch protection plates will preserve the finish of your door in the face of the pawing and clawing of your pup!
When paired with one of our door kick plates, they create a full look and protection in the targeted spots where a dog’s paws cause damage. Our products are the only attractive answer to this problem on the market! There are other plastic alternatives out there, but they're not permanent solutions & they don't look so great. They also tend to get in the way of normal use of the door.
Our Anodized Aluminum Dog Scratch Protection Plates solve all those problems!
Dog scratch door protection plates features by Deck the Door Decor
DECORATIVE & SOPHISTICATED Our anodized aluminum metal dog scratch protection plates not only protect your door from pet damage, but also adds a beautiful bit of charm, especially when paired with our matching anodized aluminum door kick plates. They are attractive & functional - unlike any other comparative product on the market!
Classy dog door protection plate
EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY Anodized aluminum is a far superior material compared to others as it does not rust, tarnish, or fade, and requires little maintenance; just wipe it off with soap and water if it gets dirty!
Dog scratch protector plate features, Deck the Door Decor
PET-SAFE SCRATCH DEFENSE - our patented Dog Scratch Door Protection Plate is engineered with beveled edges & radius cut corners to ensure your pet can scratch away worry free! MADE IN THE USA and created from durable materials, our dog scratch protection plates are UV and abrasion resistant, making them the ideal for use on interior and exterior residential doors.
How to install dog scratch protector plate
WORRY FREE INSTALLATION Whether it’s on a solid wood or steel front door, we offer easy installation available in weather resistant adhesive mount or magnetic backed for steel doors. If you have any questions, please see our how to install your kick plate page.
Available on our website & our Amazon Store.

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