Comparing Types of Kickplates

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While there are many places where you can turn to buy kickplates for your home or business, there is nothing quite like the kickplates offered from Deck the Door. Our products are customizable, available in many unique designs and styles, and are durable enough to offer protection for your door for years to come.

Nothing compares to the durability and style our kickplates can provide. We invite you to brose our gallery of kick plates for front doors or shop our online selection of door kick plates and place your custom order today!

Why Choose Our Kickplates

Admittedly, there are a host of other kick plate manufacturers out there. Unfortunately, they only make mass-produced, generic kick plates and leave you no option for further customization. We at Deck the Door Decor believe in making things personal. We take pride in being the first to give our customers the freedom to customize their kickplates according to their needs and tastes, and this has been the driving force of our success so far.

Here are some of the reasons why our products stand out from the rest of the competition:

Comparing Kickplates: Decorative & Designer

  • Enduring – Our kickplate products are all made from high-quality aluminum, assuring you that they will endure the test of time and will not rust, even with the frequent exposure to the harsh elements.
  • Affordable – Give your entry way a complete make over with our high end, one-of-a-kind door kickplates.
  • Customized – Our kickplates are available in multiple finishes, such as brass and silver tone, so they can be made to look like more expensive materials at the fraction of their cost. Aside from the finish, you can also choose to have your logo engraved on your kickplates, resulting in a more professional look for your business. We offer unique monogrammed kickplates for a more personalized look. Additionally, with our designer home decor kickplates, you also have the option to add more flair by choosing from various etched styles and color patterns.
  • Easy To Install – Our kickplates are available in both permanent and semi-permanent solutions. So even if you are just renting your home or office and are not allowed to drill holes in your door, you can still install using our 3M tape mounting solution.

Learn More About Our Custom Engraved Kickplates

Deck the Door Decor provides high end custom etched and engraved kickplates that will serve as protection from the wear and tear of coming and going, while making your front entry more welcoming to clients and guests. To learn more about our kick plates for doors view our FAQ page or shop our online store to find the personalized door kick plates that cannot find anywhere else!